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1 Can I apply to be an affiliate?
Yes, you can always apply/ask to be an affiliate.

2 How do I apply?
Please use the cbox.

3 Are there requirements?
Not really, I don't like to exclude anyone. BUT I do prefer active-ish affiliates that stop by to say hi every now and then. I understand going on hiatus (as I have to do that myself from time-to-time).

4 We're affies but my link is not on your site???
TELL ME. I may have lost it while revamping T_T'


1. http://messageboard.forbiddenl0ve.net
2. http://list-me.com

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After an uncouth beginning, I had the best of luck to the end. But we are all travellers in what John Bunyan calls the wilderness of this world--all, too, travellers with a donkey: and the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend. He is a fortunate voyager who finds many. We travel, indeed, to find them. They are the end and the reward of life. They keep us worthy of ourselves; and when we are alone, we are only nearer to the absent.

—Robert Louis Stevenson

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