JULY 10 2020

Pretend Listing is back up and running ^~^

JULY 6 2020

Wow I had no idea I had so many submissions for Pretend Listing! @[email protected] I'm sorting through my emails and adding you all :) <3 I'm also working on a new layout for that page so... ┐(~`;)┌

JULY 3 2020

Not much new content; just one color scheme. Spent most of the day working on these:

These Mid Ear Cuffs take about 3 hours to make, sometimes more and rarely ever less, if at all. They're kind of a pain BUT I adore them and I really am excited about this so-called "innovation." I've never seen these in pure gemstone before.. I try to make collections based off of things I want @[email protected]

I also made this necklace and I'm not sure if I want to sell it or keep it...