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Feel free to request codes in the cbox or by using the contact form.

UL List Style

What it does

Allows you to customize your lists. Instead of the standard bullet, you can add your own graphic. Pixel-worthy ^~^o


What it does

Tells any internal page the code to read for styles. Make a .css doc to use. If you need help please ask in the cbox :)


What it does

Border box is an awesome tool to have on hand. Whether you have lots of elements or just a few, it will neutralize, more or less, the padding and border styles so that it doesn't affect your widths and heights. !! YES, IT'S AWESOME!!

Absolute Center

What it does

Places an element in the exact center of a page. The only trick is that you need to define the height.

Scroll bar (webkit)

What it does

Allows you to customize your scroll bar. The border-radius defines how round you want the scroll bar to be at its top and bottom.

Font Smoothing

What it does

Helps to smooth fonts and webkit transform elements. Say you rotated a div at 40 degrees, this will smooth the line so that it doesn't look pixelated.

Margin Origin

What it does

Shortens a margin attribute so that you don't have to specify each side. The order is: Top Right Bottom Left (TRouBLe)

Java HTML "back" link

What it does

Directs a user back one page from where ever they are browsing on your site.