12/22/2019 — 1 Pixel, 1 Background
12/1/2019 — 1 Pixel

My name is Alaina and I'm a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. I pay the bills as a freelance web developer and media strategist.

I am an oxymoron of sorts — my style is kawaii/minimalism. I love minimal design but I also love the eclecticism of pixel art and kawaii culture, although I could never personally realize that style myself as I am just a dust bunny. My paradigm is full of desert dirt, random wildlife, odd elite careers like gemstone mining, and my children.. who bring the dirt and wildlife into my house on a daily basis.

The new version of Milky Glitter is a revival of my early aesthetic—one that didn't make me many friends, but one that I find hard to isolate from my output. It's very fulfilling for me to conceptualize, draft, code, and launch websites with striking design. There's something satisfying about seeing my "art" on a piece of this internet world.

Milky Glitter is my ongoing CSS playground that catalogues inspiration and experiences.