1 Can I apply to be an affiliate? Yes, you can always apply/ask to be an affiliate.

2 How do I apply? Please use the cbox.

3 Are there requirements? Not really, I don't like to exclude anyone. BUT I do prefer active-ish affiliates that stop by to say hi every now and then. I understand going on hiatus (as I have to do that myself from time-to-time).

4 Do you do "affiesweeps"? Nah, but when I come to your page and see I'm not linked back I might be like *wth*....

5 My site isn't a resource site... does that matter? No, it doesn't ^~^ Different strokes for different folks. I'll accept you if your site is strictly a blog, creative, listing, directory, etc etc.

6 We're affies but my link is not on your site??? TELL ME. I may have lost it while revamping T_T'

7 Do you accept everyone? No, actually. I don't want to belittle the affiliates I do have, so I have to be somewhat selective. Good luck n_n*


Affiliation is currently open/closed

Lisa Salya Caz Marvin Amanda Ana Mai