DEC 11 2018

Life has been a little hectic these days, but I am so much closer to some personal objectives.

Also my husband gave me my Christmas present early; he hates Christmas and is horrible at gift giving in the cutest way possible.. but I LOVE it! It is nice and heavy and made out of real 18k gold and a tourmaline crystal mined by one of the miners he looked up to as a kid. It's very special <3

I am very excited to be getting my kids a playground for Christmas, too. A gift that is a good investment.. there I go being practical.

Speaking of practical, I've realized that I should just stop working my current job and start making jewelry. It hit me today that for the amount I currently make a week, all I would have to do is sell one piece of jewelry a week..... seems kind of like a no-brainer, right? I can feel my mental sharpness dulling as I need to spend time doing (fruitless) :( work. I've seen an improvement in the co that I work for but there are too many cooks in the kitchen and I am still a little bitter about how a co-worker treated me and thus, how my employers handled it.

So stay tuned, maybe the next time I log in I will have (hopefully) made these big life improvements :p

Last Updated on Nov 28 2018