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12/22 — 1 New Background

Just jotting

I've been going crazy between making jewelry and illustrating. I was working on a web project for a few days.. that was almost complete but it's now hanging in a state of limbo because I don't have the motivation to write 3 articles about subjects that I have very little to say about. I've been going back and forth with this friend of mine about helping them with their website but they ramble so much and I'm not sure they even consider that the design itself is a very intuitive and strenuous effort.

Anyway, I hope you all have your Christmas shopping done (if you celebrate, of course). I went a little nuts this year and got everything that was on my kids' lists. I'm really looking forward to the Holiday break from school. That extra 1/2 hour of sleep is going to be sooooo good, yet here I am at 1am updating. Haven't been getting much sleep, lately.

I'm really excited about a new illustration that I'm working on for Harvard. I think that they will like this final sketch, and then I can refine it and publish it after the paper is printed. Looking forward to 2020!!