The Sky Was Foiled With Diamonds


Inevitably, I must create.

I have a TON of new projects going on, along with getting over a 200% increase in workload at my "job". But I'm STOKED that I am 99% ready to start making jewelry. I just need one or two more tools and then I will physically be able to create jewelry :) YAY!!!

I was proud of myself this morning. It was the first time in a long time that I had not immediately made a cup of coffee when I woke up. Instead I made myself a cup of hot lemon/honey water and it was delicious. I felt really good for about an hour, and then my lack-of-caffeine headache began to set in.

I've been working quite a bit on my identity and branding. I get so wrapped up into these projects, but I think it's out of desperation to stop being a part of the rat race I call adulthood. I just want to be able to be successful, profitable, and remain AUTONOMOUS.

Weekends are for fun, but they're also for hustling like a boss.

Please hang tight while I get all of my projects organized. I look forward to having a space to actually write..