Milky Glitter

12/1/2019 — 1 Pixel

Just jotting

I've been fairly discouraged about my attempt to be a freelance web developer and illustrator for some time.. but I've continued to work on it here and there. I found out this week that I was invited to contribute to as well as join the design team at Harvard for a specific branch... that's about all I can say on that, at the moment. It's really exciting how things are starting to work out.

I re-designed an old clients' website again. She's sort of my friend, but she's my old boss' mom, so it's kind of a peculiar situation. At my old job I was a marketing associate and design lead.. however they never let me actually lead design. It was really frustrating and eventually they made me feel so inept that I had to quit.

Since then I've become more and more established as a creative designer and developer and I'm so happy I get to finish the year with new horizons and being able to leave all of that garbage in the past.

Hope everyone is well!