Feb 15 2019

Welp, I quit my job. It's been such a toxic environment for me, so I'm relieved to see it go.

For the last year i've been in this vortex of a company as well as dealing with a very unhappy client who cannot be satisfied. I've made this client about 6 different websites and once it was finally done, she asked me to completely remake it again. I felt bad because all I want to do at the end of the day is make people happy, but I get extremely depressed myself whenever I work on it. Being an empath is hard.

Since I put in my two-week notice I've been scrambling hard to put together a portfolio. I've purchased a domain for my studio and I'm cranking out logo specs, illustrations, and web design mock-ups. I'm slightly obsessed with this one that I completed the other day. I look forward to my portfolio being done, as well :p I hope one day that I land my dream job. Until then.... <3

Last Updated on Feb 15 2019