I have a lot of work to do on here, but I wanted to start transferring work as it evolves.

ESSE is going ok.. I've only sold about a dozen necklaces since my last post, which is like a -400% drop in productivity when it started. No one is buying my fine silver products, either. Kind of a bummer because I've invested quite a bit of money and time into this project by now... but at the end of the day I guess I'll just have a bunch of unique necklaces to wear.

Thought I would share a picture of one of the larger tourmaline necklaces I've made so far. Hearts aren't easy to shape on a cabbing wheel, and this one took a few hours to get right, but I think it's really spectacular.

Sorry the other pages here are not in working order yet.. but they will be soon! I have three other websites that are mid-build right now and I need to focus on getting those done this weekend so I can start applying to some design related jobs.

Check back soon for the finished revamp here :) Always hypothesizing, testing, building, creating, failing, and growing as far as design goes...



I've chosen a name for my jewelry company—ESSE, meaning "The Essentials." I wanted to be able to realize a contemporary and "basic" aesthetic while having a bit of hype. I think I have achieved that so far.. we'll see. Part of the packaging/branding includes a suede or corduroy paper-style lunch bag to elevate that contemporary and essential idea. A lot of jewelry companies, even small ones, use canvas, velvet, or mesh drawstring bags so I thought this would be a cool alternative :) I'M SO FLIPPING EXCITED!!

I have the domain and hosting ready to go for this but I need to finish up the first series/line of jewelry. I won't only be using red string, but I'm still going to offer that as an affordable item within the line.

I decided I would put my desire to be a web developer to rest and ironically once I made that choice inquiries and jobs increased by like, 500%. It figures. I'm happy to do so, though. I have 3 or 4 clients, one of them requiring about 4 or 5 websites alone. I will be very busy for these next couple of months! AND I LOVE IT!!

We need to move within 15 days but still haven't secured a new place to rent. I'm kind of irked that my landlord is starting to be a douche. We've been here for nearly 2 years.. and now we have to pick up our lives, switch to a new school (there's nothing available in our small town. Absolutely NOTHING), and will end up paying twice as much because of the rates in socal. Oh well. I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm excited to live (hopefully) in a house that doesn't have a leaky roof, mold problems, mice, dust and allergens at the ready, and a floor that falls apart whenever you sweep or clean it.

Oh, and our visit on the East coast was great — we met my nephew FINALLY <3, we caught a large striped bass while fishing on the ocean, my cousin provided us with like 3 pounds of fresh steamers, I was able to get fried clams (a sorely missed favorite of mine), and I saw my OG BFF and met her newest son. My kids had a lot of fun seeing family that we hadn't seen in a very long time, especially meeting their only cousin from my side of the family. They have another cousin on the other side of the family but no one ever gets to see him. So it goes..

Hope that you've all been well :) Leave me a messasge!!



So you know how I wanted to make jewelry? I've started to, my IG is @essegems and I've alreay sold 7!!!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me! I'm hoping to develop the packaging while we're on vacation so that when I get home I can make as many as possible and bring them over to a yoga shop in town, while hopefully continuing to sell more. I hand dig, drill, cut, and make these. I think $25 is a very fair price considering how much time goes into each one. They're super cute and stackable so my excitement is barely containable. I have a fair coming up in a couple of months with my friend so I hope to accumulate inventory to sell there as well. It's an awesome feeling being able to pay the electric bill this month and get some groceries ^~^

Above is the first batch I made. All of the charms I make are tourmaline from my hubbys mine — things he would otherwise not bring home, so I'm loving the ethical and sustainable element.

Aren't they so flipping cute?? I need to work on the presentation a bit and get a website made, but for now using what I have seems to make all of the difference karmically.

Well — I'm off to get ready for our trip across country. Have a great one!