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September 14, 2017

Hi friends! Thought I'd post a lil blog. I fell and hurt my knee pretty badly yesterday so I'm sure I'm going to be pixeling/updating to pass the time.

I'm still frantically looking for a new place to move into.. My family is now in such an ambiguous state. The rental costs in SoCal are so high and it is so competitive that I'm worried we won't be able to find a place in time. Our landlord gave us a 60 day notice a couple of weeks ago now >~< For no real reason other than that he "wants his drinking house back." That's cool old man, just displace a family for your alcoholism. We pay our rent in full and on time, and we take care of the property; it's not because we're bad tenants. I wish I could get at least an FHA loan to buy a house, but I don't have any taxes and no credit. UGH. I never really had a reason to acquire credit, either. My vehicle was inherited to me from my brother who was killed in combat... OBVIOUSLY I'm going to drive his truck. And my boyfriend has yet to get me a credit card. All of our utilities have been under my mother in laws account, even though I pay them all. *PULLS HAIR OUT* *KIND OF*

In the meantime, aside from constantly asking people and searching/inquiring for houses, I'm working out.. although my knee is injured my personal trainer (we trade skills; she trains me, I make her website/media stuff) is going to work with me and do upper body exercises. I've really got to get a jump on my California tourmaline business, too. Kind of slacking with that. We sell screening bags on ebay but I'd like to legitimize it with an actual website. Sales are VERY slow but with a few gem shows coming up I think theres a good opportunity to incite some new sales.

Be on the lookout for new content.. hoping to have all of my pages done today. <3

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