MARCH 23, 2018

Holy moly, guys. Ducklings are AWESOME! They're surprisingly very cuddly, as long as you adopt them as young ducklings. My son's 3rd birthday is coming up and we decided to get him a couple 'test' ducklings. Of course, my daughter gets to claim one of the two ^~^ She named hers Sparkle Nibbles and my son named his Quacky. It wasn't too hard to get them set up here; having geckos and a yard full of farm-esque materials, we threw together a duck box pretty quickly. We took a spare plastic bin and lined it with newspaper, then used a spare old diaper box and put a heating pad (one of our spare gecko ones) inside, and padded it with an old towel. They slept soundly throughout the whole night. It's kind of humorous to me how 'needy' they are. They really like to be held right now. Which is probably because they're looking for their mom! It's a great opportunity as the new owner to bond with them. Ducks can become quite attached to their owners, making for a great pet. We'll see if they survive my children, first.. @[email protected]'

I'm slowly hacking away at the rest of my website. Thank you guys for dealing with me hahaha. I suddenly have a ton of projects going on. On top of farming, which is extremely slow (I'm waiting for my pallets of soil and my seeds), I have a job interview to work with a local real estate broker to manage their web presence, insights, and social media. This is the perfect job for me! The hours would not exceed 10/week, which is ideal in order to still focus on taking care of my family, home, and farm. I'm hoping for $20/hour, but I'll be happy if I get $15.

I've got to go prepare for this now; there's lots of research and dialogue to put together.

You'll notice I have updates listed, however they're not accessible yet. These lists are more or less a reminder for me, so I can remember what it is I need to upload. Lots of cute stuff coming :)


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MARCH 19, 2018

Hey guys! Welcome back to Milky Glitter ^~^ I'm so excited to be back! Lots of things have changed with me; been through a lot of s*** and still trudging through it, but I'm happy I prioritized a little time and energy to get this up again. I think all of us web owners know how fun, organizational, and beneficial having a blog can be. Things are a hot mess, but you know me; I just like to get my site live as soon as possible. I'm still working on a main image for my layout.. Not sure what its going to look like, but its going to be cute.

I've finally been inspired to code again. Funny how that works. I'm pretty pleased with my new come—back design. It's my go-to color scheme and I love it. That's why I keep coming back to it. I like that I can see this platform as practice for my freelance work.. and now, a showcase as well! ^~^

I don't have my other pages up yet. Honestly it's not my top priority. I just wanted to be able to start blogging again, keeping myself organized. There's still tweaking to do to the layout, but oh well.

Fun random fact: skunks have five fingers and toes ^~^

I'm busy starting my farm, now. We've finally secured 10 acres in SoCal and I have a booth ready to vend at a local farmers market. I need to get my certified vendor certificate, but that won't be a problem at all. I'll be sharing pictures and my process in the next blog post. I'm so excited! I'll have fruits, corn, and other yummy vegetables. I'm mostly excited to be able to feed my family food that we've grown. My ultimate goal is to no longer shop at grocery stores.


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